Discover the best free typefaces for Windows and Mac for you to download: serif and sans-serif, script, vintage and more.

Whether on a logo, a text-heavy website or an infographic, typography is a wonderful, flexible design tool to change how people feel when reading your content. It’s no surprise, then, that there is an unfathomable amount of typefaces available online. 

These can be expensive - but good, cheap typefaces can be harder to find, let alone great ones. We’ve scoured the web’s many (many, many) free typefaces to find the diamonds in the rough, the best from amongst the worst - and, as you’ll know if you’ve ever been on a 'free font' site such as Font Squirrel, there is a lot of rough.

Though selecting the right typeface for your project can take time, it's one of the best ways to transform a design. From revived typefaces to the totally new, sparse to swirling, these fonts will help you build a rich typography toolkit to enrich your future projects – and it won’t cost you a penny. 

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