Imagery is turning toward more immersive details in order to become “super sensory". High-impact visual content is a necessity as more people use mobile devices as their primary window through which they view the world. High-definition, close crops, and unexpected points-of-view in imagery provide vivid visions that blaze and engage all of our senses.

Smaller frames love bigger pictures – they allow for a more intimate engagement with images of nature, portraits, and abstract designs. But the super sensory trend is also about content, not just composition. The more digital we are, the more we romanticize the experiential and the unplugged. Imagery that is up-close, personal, and visceral lures us in – helping us to forget the glowing rectangle between it and us, even if only for an instance.

In this story, Getty Images provides tips on how using sensorial imagery can increase audience engagement.

Download this image: Nails and food

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