Portraits of British Prime Ministers alone excite very few, but who can look away from the intriguing monster that is Margaret Thatcher, John Major and others all merged? And why explain surfing technique with uninspiring diagrams and even duller words, when you can capture it in a composite photo (shown)?

These are taken from PhotoViz - a book that uses a sprinkle of data, a dab of inspiration from infographics and a hell of a lot of beautiful photography to visualise data in an unfailingly, instantly engaging way.

Editor of this data-driven, clever vision is graphic designer Nicholas Felton, aka Feltron. If you know Nicholas’ work, this won’t come as a surprise; his Personal Annual Reports – which are much more interesting than they sound – sparked a flurry of interest in personal data visualisation of which Nicholas’ painstakingly produced infographics remain at the forefront. 

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Image: Come Full Circle by Agustin Munoz, who captured the event in a series of quick shots before compositing them in a single frame. All images from PhotoVizcopyright Gestalten 2016. 

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