National Geographic MC 2350

With a stylish but relaxed design, the National Geographic bag looks just like a normal shoulder bag (and can in fact be used as one if the insert is removed) which is ideal if you prefer not to advertise the fact that you're carrying expensive gear. Unfortunately the top handle is situated towards the back, meaning the whole bag tilts awkwardly forward when you hold it and while the softness and flexibility of the bag makes it pretty comfortable to wear, it's not sturdy enough to protect any gear outside of the small removable insert.

This insert holds a DSLR camera with a lens attached and one extra lens or flash, making it ideal for situations where you want your DSLR but aren't inclined to bring lots of heavy gear. The insert has a rain cover but anything outside of this will probably get wet fairly quickly in a downpour. The bag also features a padded pocket for a tablet and a magnetic clasp for quick, easy access to your camera.

This will suit those wanting a camera bag which can also just be a plain messenger, too.


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