The Rio Olympics have finally come to a close, so we thought it would be timely to look back over this series of hilarious GIFs released by Seed Animation, poking fun at some of the quirkier sports of Olympic history that no longer exist.

Seed Animation created 19 short animated loops of 'WTF Olympic events that no longer grace the games', and released them on Instagram to mark each day of the Rio Olympics.

The Forgotten Games explore a time when you could run around as a target while darts were thrown at you, ride hot air balloons and cycle in a tandem, and claim that these were Olympic sports.

Take a look at some of our favourite GIFs and follow the whimsical and somewhat cheeky athlete as he completes the outrageous sports of a pastime.

GIF: Tandem Cycling - last contested in the Western German Olympic Games 1972.

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