Doctor Who: Flatline, directed by Douglas Mackinnon, contains 66 VFX shots from axisVFX, including a new multi-dimensional menace called the Boneless.

The axisVFX crew not only created the visual effects for the shots, but also conceived, designed and developed the look and performance of this new impossible creature.

Based in Bristol and Glasgow, the boutique studio was established last year by award-winning animation company Axis and visual effects supervisors Grant Hewlett and Howard Jones

In the Flatline episode, the Boneless are revealed as a race that only exists in two dimensions. We first see them as they explore our planet, distorting three dimensional surfaces as they go. As the creatures spend more time in our three dimensional world they begin to evolve and explore the third dimension themselves with a potentially devastating effect.

"The script described how these creatures move, grow and evolve over time but everyone who read the words on the page imagined it differently in their head," said axisVFX 3D visual effects supervisor Grant Hewlett. "So this was our biggest challenge, visualising something that had never been seen before, something that initially had to be flat but at the same time become sinister, threatening and frightening."

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