Glasgow CGI studio Axis and director Dana Dorian have created an epic new trailer for Six Foot and Petroglyph’s realtime strategy game Grey Goo, which is published by Grey Box.

The Axis team, with director Dana Dorian at the helm, worked with Six Foot on bringing out the best in the games cutscene sequences, collaborating on the scripts and providing all the necessary creative pre-production support from casting to storyboards to animatics.

The cutscene sequences saw Axis complete over twenty two minutes of story animation, building a range of characters, sets and vehicles as well as defining a style using a series of techniques that ensured engaging story development at the highest production values.

“It was our collaboration with Six Foot on the cutscene sequences and the great relationship that we struck up together that led to the creation of the trailer,” said Axis Director Dana Dorian. “With a number of the required characters already built, voices cast and animation techniques honed we knew we could put our creative efforts into producing an epic action packed trailer that would put the new game firmly on the map.”

“My idea for the trailer was to introduce each of the games three races, never describing any of them as the hero or villain,” said Dorian. “The voice over was juxtaposed at key points with the visuals as the viewer is teased as to who the mysterious voice is. This is then subverted at the end of the trailer when we reveal the voice to be the least likely of candidates, the Goo, a gelatinous mass of nanotechnology consuming everything in its path.”

"With the characters and many elements in the world already created for the cutscenes we were in the great position of being able to craft a trailer with many of the assets in existence," explained Axis MD Richard Scott. "So this allowed us to think big on the trailer and come up with some epic ideas."

We asked Richard to bring us deeper into the Goo and reveal the creative process behind the work at Axis.

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