Taking on the expensive dazzle of Hollywood with his humble allowance is visual effects guru - and close friend of Gareth Edwards (Monsters) - Steve Gomez. Steve has worked on the visual effects of projects including Mermaids: The Body Found, but Kill Command is his directorial debut.

We catch up with Steve to find out the (many) challenges of making such an impressive-looking film on a titchy budget, how he developed his ideas and how the team created such creepy robots.

Mimi Launder: How did you come up with Kill Command’s narrative?

Steve Gomez: “Initially it was a simple outline, a small group of marines would have to face up to their replacements in the near future. An outsider would join this group, a much more tech savvy individual who would play off against the marines, and together they would have to survive.

“I felt that it could be a contained story, not a global one, inspired by the eighties’ action movies I grew up on, with a little bit of the Alamo thrown in for good measure. We wanted to take this idea and make it a real ride - a chase movie that would feel dynamic, atmospheric and tense. Most importantly the heroes wouldn’t be supermen - they would be frail and human. One wrong turn and they could lose their lives.

“When Vertigo gave me the go ahead to write the script, I stumbled across a couple of websites, most notably Boston Dynamics, where they were developing real military robots. I was kind of fascinated by the way they mimicked animals.

“It was a simple step to then imagine a more fearsome version of one of these robots. The other idea I borrowed from Boston Dynamics was to introduce these robots into the wild. It’s an unsettling image this kind of tech crawling around and completely at home in nature.”

Image: before VFX (top); after (bottom) 

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