We’ve all been in a situation like it. Well, maybe not quite like it. Most of us aren’t long-legged blue creatures with arms on our heads, but who doesn’t understand the sinking feeling when a party goes on for too long - or an unwanted one happens at all? 

Fun, quirky animated game Party Pooper by Animade lets you be the killjoy that your soul screams to be, but without any damage to your friend count. Stop the funky-yet-increasingly-annoying party music as soon as possible. There are balloons to pop, cups to squash and – most satisfyingly – windows to smash. 

Animade animator and designer Milo Targett tells us how (and – most intriguingly – why on earth) the creative, fun bunch of animators created Party Pooper and its incredibly diverse, imaginative characters, as well as what’s next for them.

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