Welcome to week six of our regular updates on Wacom's 'Show Your Creativity’ contest: where our selected designers, illustrators and photographers are using Cintiq Companions to create professional and personal projects – and telling us about their experiences.

Each week we’ll be giving an update on the progress of our contestants – each of whom who are vying to win a fantastic Wacom Cintiq Companion.

To do this they need to supply us with a weekly round up of their device use, describing how a piece of artwork, or section of a project has been created as well as supply regular screen shots of their progress as they create or add to a project with the Cintiq Companion.

Some of our creative contestants have already been digging deeper within the capabilities of the Cintiq Companion. This week, in addition to progressing with their projects, we asked them all to start revealing their technique as much as possible and why creative choices were being made.

We also wanted to hear about any colour management or other technical aspects of the workflow they used, as well as how Wacom's portable graphics workstation has had an impact on this.

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