After the iPhone arrived in Summer 2007, app developers lost little time in exploiting the camera and touchscreen functionality. Very soon the world saw a host of low-cost creativity tools and gadgets and innumerable retreads of wacky photo apps.

Fast forward to today and the latest versions of Apple's pocket powerhouse offer a Retina display and 64-bit performance, are powered by super-fast processors and the iPhone camera offers even greater creative potential.

As a result, this past year has seen a refocus on high quality creative tools for the iPhone. You can still apply cartoon frames and wacky props, if you really must, but iPhone users now also have far more innovative tools and much more powerful capabilities 'on hand'.

Among the old stalwarts and new arrivals there are some gems that should be on the home screen of any digital creative with an iPhone, and we've chosen a selection to get you inspired.

Some of your own favourites, such as Adobe Ideas, may no longer be in development, but let us know what apps you use and tell us why you love to use them.

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