Which are the best Android apps for designers? Here, we bring you five of our favourite Android apps for designers to help you kick start your mobile creativity.

From budget Android tablets made by companies such as Tesco and Argos to powerful, high-end tablets made by Wacom, Android tablets - and smartphones, too - are becoming an increasingly popular tool for designers from all walks of life.

What really makes tablets and smartphones useful for creatives, though, are the apps available to install on those devices, but with so many apps to choose from in the Google Play Store it can be a daunting task to try and pick out what's worthwhile downloading.

To help you, we've collected five great Android apps that should get you started, and could become invaluable assets for all designers. If you know of a good Android app that you believe should be featured in our top five, let us know in the comments section below and we'll take a look.

1. Infinite Design

£3.22 | Download Infinite Design now

Created by developer Sean Brakefield, Infinite Design is a vector graphics app for Android that lets you create designs using your tablet or smartphone.

If you want to try before you buy, the free version of the app includes an infinite canvas, infinite layers and an infinite undo and redo system (hence the name), layer options such as split, merge, flip and duplicate and five symmetry tools, the ability to import images to the canvas and add special effects and a path editing and pen tool for precise control.

Without paying the £3.22 for the full version, you'll be able to save your work as a JPEG, but the full version will give you the ability to save images as PNG, PSD or SVG, and is ad-free.

2. SketchBook Express


Free | Download SketchBook Mobile Express | Download SketchBook Express for Tablets

With two different versions available to suit the size of your device, and both of those versions free to download, you can't go wrong with SketchBook Express from Autodesk.

It's a painting and drawing application that can help you achieve simple tasks like sketching out ideas to more complex undertakings that involve layers and intricate brushes.

The tools aren't as comprehensive as those found in the £1.83 SketchBook Pro app, but will do the trick for most designers who need a tool for moments of inspiration while out and about.

3. myPantone

£5.03 | Download myPantone now

It's a bit on the pricey side at £5.03, but myPantone is a very handy app for designers looking for colour inspiration for their projects. myPantone provides access to Pantone Colour Libraries straight from your device, and offers the ability to build and share Pantone palettes and export them to Adobe Creative Suite or QuarkXPress as .ase files.

One of the most useful features (though the accuracy may depend on your device's camera capabilities on some occasions) is the ability to extract colours from photographs.

4. Paperless

£1.50 | Download Paperless now

Paperless is more of a digital Moleskine for jotting down ideas than an app for creating masterpieces, but it does its job nicely. You can add virtual books to keep your ideas organised, ready for when you return to them at a later date.

Some of its tools are quite advanced, though. You can add up to three layers and adjust the opacity of those, and there are a variety of different, customisable brush types suitable for drawing, painting, colouring, sketching or writing notes.

Exporting options are a little lacking, but you can share straight to Facebook, save to your gallery or save as a PNG.

5. Fontly

Free | Download Fontly now

The final app in our round up of the best Android apps for designers is Fontly, a community for type-lovers that could provide inspiration for your next project.

Using Fontly, you can take photos of typography you see while on the move, such as a shop sign or graffiti, and collect them for reference at a later date. You can also search and browse typography photographed by other Fontly users.