As technology becomes increasingly mobile, artists are looking for ways to create using their tablets and smartphones while on the move. Here, we discover the best Android apps for artists, whether for sketching, drawing or painting.

Android tablets are growing in popularity, what with the success of Samsung's Galaxy line-up, the introduction of tablets made by Wacom, and the low cost of tablets made by companies such as Tesco. They're getting more accessible, more affordable and more powerful, too.

This means Android tablets can allow users to unlock their inner creativity and produce everything from doodles and drawings right through to minor works of art.

There are lots of art apps in the Google Play Store aimed at lots of different types of artists. Here, we've collected five of our favourite Android apps for artists to give you somewhere to start. If you know of a good Android app that you feel should be in our top five, let us know and we'll investigate.

1. Adobe Photoshop Touch 

£6.99 Buy Adobe Photoshop Touch for Android now

While Photoshop Touch doesn't have all of the advanced tools that come with the desktop version, it does still include some sophisticated photo editing tools that, for those looking for extra creative options when working with digital photographs while on the move, will certainly help your productivity.

Tablet-specific features include the Scribble Selection tool for selecting a part of an image, which you can then use Refine Edge with your fingertip to improve. You can also use the built-in camera on your device to fill in an area on a layer with the camera fill feature.

Plus, you'll get free membership to Creative Cloud that gives you 2GB of cloud storage, and also means you can sync your files to other devices or access them from anywhere via the web. 

2. Infinite Painter

£3.21 Buy Infinite Painter for Android now

Infinite Painter is an all-round painting app for Android that gives artists access to more than 100 mixable and blendable brushes. 

With support for pressure sensitive styluses, artists can create digital paintings that closely resemble the traditional equivalent, without needing to cart around huge canvases, paints and paint brushes wherever they go. 

Infinite Painter allows artists to create as many layers as they need. You can import photos, too.

There is a free version of the app too, so you can try before you buy. Plus, if you have a Galaxy Note that uses an S-Pen, there's a separate Infinite Paper app designed to take advantage of that. 

3. Autodesk SketchBook Pro 

£3.35 Buy SketchBook Pro for Android now

Autodesk's Android offering for artists is another impressive app, bringing professional paint and drawing tools to tablets. It uses the same software as the desktop version of SketchBook Pro, and includes many of the same features, such as layers, more than 100 customisable brushes, huge canvas sizes and the ability to export as a Photoshop file.

The user interface is clean and simple to navigate, so you can focus on your work rather than the app itself.

4. Fresco Paint Pro

£1.99 Buy Fresco paint Pro for Android now

Fresco Paint is perhaps not quite as impressive as the other painting apps here when it comes to the tools it provides, but it's also not as expensive, so if you're looking for a cheaper app that lets you paint while out and about then it could be worth considering. 

It has 12 different brushes and up to four layers, and also has 21 filters, including blur and vignette, that can be used in your paintings. Paintings created in the app can be exported to Photoshop too.

5. Sketcher Pro 

£1.31 Buy Sketcher Pro for Android now

If sketching and drawing tools are what you're looking for, then Sketcher Pro might be more suited to you. 

It has 12 different sketching brushes including shading tools and simple line brushes. Change the colour of your pencil by using the colour picker, that also enables transparency.