With a name as fun as Toca Boca, even those who haven't heard of the games company before will guess that their work is all about enjoyment. Now, the award-winning kids’ app studio is taking ‘work hard, play hard’ to the extreme by designing their offices as an adult playground, so they can do both at the same time.  

Yes, adult playground. Let me say that one more time: Adult. Playground. In a world where we poor adults just don’t get enough fun, Toca Boca staff can go to work and feel that dizzy, childhood elation with secret hiding places, toy cars you can fit in and – it gets even better – indoor go-karting. There’s also oversized furniture, but we’re less excited about that one. 

And Toca Boca has come up with some productivity-based reasons for all of their bonkers Stockholm offices: to “help its staff see the world through the playful eyes of a child.” If that excuse isn’t an example of childlike creativity, I don’t know what is. Maybe the youthful overhaul is working its inspiring magic. 

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