By "post digital", Rob means a world where we interact with a wide range of products and services both online and in the real world - and we expect a seamless experience across them all (something we've covered in depth in our recent guide to experience design)

Some "post digital" projects are still experimental - such as most of those shown here or Microsoft's HoloLens. Some are complex small-scale installations that are designed to be spectacular, such as the Oculus Rift-based VR experience at this week's Game of Thrones exhibition. Some have become so mainstream that we barely notice their design, such as...

One project at the Flux event that is ready for widespread use is Projection Artworks' DisplayMapper. A box with mirrors and a projector, it allows small objects to have designs projected onto them that map to their shape. It enables, for example, shops to show a wide range of cosmetic designs – or combinations of designs – available for a trainer in a single small space. And it can be produced in enough volume and at a low enough price that a retailer could put it in every store they own.

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