The Guardian app has been redesigned to deliver a more personalised and engaging experience for its readers. We sat down with creative director, Alex Breuer, about the digital design behind the online news app.

Freely available across all Android and iOS phones and tablets running Android 4 and iOS 7, the newly redesigned The Guardian app aims to showcase its journalism in more interactive ways to readers across the globe.

Alex Breuer has been creative director for the Guardian for the last year and half, having previously worked across a wide range of editorial brands including The Times, Esquire and Men's Health, as both creative director and as a consultant.

His role extends across all editorial products and brand identity from print to digital, driving The Guardian’s design vision, and giving creative direction to The Guardian’s design team. We asked Alex to reveal the creative process behind the digital redesign.

Use the slideshow controls above and right to read the interview, as well as to see more pages from the app.

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