It’s unfortunate humans don’t always pay attention to important, pressing, potentially dangerous issues (after all, they take effort to solve, sigh), but at least our laziness means we get to enjoy the beautiful efforts of the bold, bright, social warrior and artist Yandell Walton. 

Last year, the Aussie video artist wowed Digital Graffiti Festival - the projection-based annual festival that takes over the white walls of Alys Beach, Florida - with her ‘Best of Show’ piece Human Effect, a striking, fun and endless engaging warning of humans’ effect on nature. 

And, this May, she was back with Bon Voyage and, one of the four special recognition winners, 1/1500 (shown, with Yandell in front). As one of the residents - along with Sean Capone and Keaton Fox - who were invited to Alys Beach for a seven day exploration of the site and collaboration, Yandell had the opportunity to tailor her work to the site. And she certainly made the most of it. 

Here, we’ve chatted to Yandell about her thoughts on the festival and the rest of her remarkable work. 

Image: 1/1500 and Yandell Walton

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