Every month, The New York Times publishes the Otherworldly, bringing together reviews of the biggest and best new sci-fi novels - and with a wonderful illustration by Jing Wei.

Topics for the column include alternate realities, schizophrenia, eerie buildings, human colonies, dying planets and the apocalypse. 

Jing says she's given a lot of creative freedom "right off the bat" to work with common themes and moods of the chosen books. 

Jing was born in China, before being raised in California and now based in Brooklyn.

Her background in printmaking has influenced a lot of her commercial work, including her role as brand illustrator for Etsy and visiting instructor at Pratt University.

We talked to Jing about the creative process behind her illustrations for The New York Times and working with the rich imagery of  reviews often left completely open to interpretation.

Image: Illustration from Otherworldly August, 2016

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