Even if you don't know it, you’ve probably seen the work of GIF-y god Julian Glander – whether you spotted it looped on Twitter, glimpsed his “super cool summer GIFs for Starbucks” or have been cheered up by “happy stuff”, a viral series for Koodo mobile that we featured in our round-up of the best character artists from 2016’s Pictoplasma conference.

But what is the GIF connoisseur speaking at Pictoplasma about? “Secrets,” he tells me. “Secrets about my process, business secrets, and scrapped work that nobody's ever seen. Shhh!” At least I can safely tell you that this year’s Pictoplasma is about ‘character posture’ – and Julian should have plenty of fascinating stuff to say about his goofy shapes. 

For this year's graphic arts festival Pick Me Up (21 April to 2 May) Julian is displaying a host of short animations, 3D floam and lenticular postcards.

"I really wanted to bring my work into the real world in a way that made sense," he said. "Most of my work is 3 dimensional so lenticular prints just made sense, and they've been something I've been fascinated with since I was a kid. I'm really nervous about this because it's not a process I've experimented with before."

Just like the work he creates, Julian is indisputably, irresistibly goofy. A self-described “former baby, future ghost”, it’s no surprise that his website is fittingly offbeat - against an ever-changing neon, rainbow background are categories that start with animation and illustration but quickly descend (or ascend, if you share my point of view) into puking, burger and blobs

So, when I asked Julian to describe his style in five words, maybe I should have expected the answer “uhhh, ahhh, eeeee, oooo, pastel.” Read on for more fun, fascinating answers – which do get longer, I promise – and wonderful, oddball work.

Image: Triple Scoopin' for Snacks Quarterly [a rare illustration in the GIF-y world of Julian]

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