Polish illustrator and animator Jaroslaw Danilenko is living up to the tough task he and his friend and fellow illustrator Michal Loba set themselves: to, between them, unfailingly post a drawing a day to their Tumblr. And these aren’t rushed, tired scribbles, but wonderfully strange and engaging artworks.

Four months and many drawings later, it’s a lovely scroll through the pair’s Tumblr, whether it's a still-life glimpse of the every day, a bizarre, fun collage or a cool, despondent look at humans doing silly things to themselves (I can relate). Check out the Tumblr if you want a wider look at Jaroslaw’s – and Michal’s – style.

Confined to squares and with their use of simple shapes, Jaroslaw’s illustrations are comic-like in more ways than one. Alive with action, they almost seem lifted from an engrossing strip or story, leaving us to fill in the rest of the plot. I can’t be the only one that feels like the characters are staring directly at me, aggressively, as if I’ve interrupted their story.

Here, we've collected the best of Jaroslaw's and Michal's illustrations. 

Image: by Jaroslaw Danilenko. 

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