Chitchat is a great cornerstone of art. Someone grander might call it 'communication' or 'discussion', but it’s all the same thing: responding to others, yourself, society or even other art that could have been created lifetimes ago. You know, chitchat. 

DADA has grabbed that idea and taken it to a fun, surprising place. In a world of Twitter, Facebook and, er, Star Trek Dating, why not have  a social network where you communicate through drawing? 80,000 users with 150,000 drawings (between them, that is, not each) can clearly see why.

Bizarre, fun and a hive of unrestricted imagination, the creations on DADA are unique. It is an artist's playground (but without the rules). 

Image: part of a visual conversation (read from left to right, then top to bottom). Each square is a work by a different person. See more of this visual conversation.

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