Design by Intoart, which will be run by artists with learning disabilities and autism, will be the first design studio of its kind globally. We got an early look at the work it’s already producing, which is just as exciting as the prospect of the studio itself.

Intoart is an incredible London visual arts charity that helps artists with learning disabilities become visible, equal and established – and the opening of Design by Intoart will go far in showing off its artists’ gorgeous creations.

To give us a taste of the kind of wonderful products, graphic design and illustrations that the studio will produce, six unique fabrics have been created in partnership with British fashion designer Holly Fulton, which will be used to create a future wide range of products, from clothes to cushions.

After nine months of research, development and design, the fabrics (shown) are now bursting with colour and ideas, from leaping frogs to sputnik satellites.

"I started by writing a list of all the things I would find in a room," said artist Andre Williams on his design (shown, bottom). "Then I took photographs in the 20th Century Design galleries at the V&A."

Andre's cleverly coloured, stylish work will be shown along with the five others in their ten-metre, silk glory at a V&A Place and Repeat display (6-8 May), as well as at the Intoart annual exhibition (21-25 June).

Buy Intoart’s products in their shop.

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