Thomas's original illustration is simple, whimsical and in his characteristic style, with a striking use of shadow, light and bold colour. We're glad the London-based illustrator is doing so well after including him in our feature on illustrators to look out for.

As beautiful as Thomas' art alone is, even more life has been breathed into it through Christopher's subtle animation. We love the way the Paris-based animator has layered it so the magazine cover is slowly, intriguingly revealed.

"My thinking was that the cover artwork would gradually emerge," says Christopher. "I loved the idea that you open on this Edward Hopper-style scene and then the elements slowly build themselves into the cover."

Thomas has also worked for clients including Google, The New York Times and TFL; and Christopher has been commissioned by Christie's, Chanel and Save the Children.

Image: Thomas's cover illustration wraps around the front and back cover of the magazine. 

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