London-based freelance illustrator Eduardo Fuentes composites beautiful vector-based illustrations that resemble a digital papercut nature, and is experimenting with translating this style to 3D and animation projects. 

His illustrations tend to combine defined geometric shapes and bold colours in a crisp and clear manner to depict a narrative. But we’re enjoying his recent GIF projects that take on a more chaotic – perhaps mechanical – nature.

Edu was born in Madrid and studied photography and illustration at the School of Art and Design. He’s worked as a freelancer ever since. His work includes many editorial clients, of which include Monocle, Wired UK, Oxford University Press and WPP.

He also started and regularly contributes to online design magazine Happy Wednesday. 

We spoke to Edu about creating GIFs, how he thinks illustration is becoming more linked to animation and the creative freedom he’s given for editorial work.

Image: Eduardo Fuentes

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