Rainy days no longer need to be dull, drab and colourless. Or even wet. Pluvio Umbrella - offerer of the prettiest, funkiest-designed weather protection - has got you covered. 

Umbrellas seem to come in either business black, eye-burning flowery pink or frog green (complete with fetching, googly eyes). If you’re a long-time sufferer of ‘all these umbrellas look awful but now I’m cold and wet’, Pluvio have seven gorgeous designs from seven talented artists to keep you looking good and from feeling under the weather. Or feeling the weather at all. 

These umbrellas have it all. And by all, I mean that street art collective The London Police’s incredibly funky umbrella features astronaut dogs (shown). Not to worry, if you’re more of a frisky fox, creepy butterfly or terrifying hands person, these dazzling designs will have you crossing your fingers for rain, not sun, too. 

Find out what Tales of Mere Existence creator Lev Yilmaz thinks of Pluvio. 

Image: 5 Dogs Called Barry by The London Police 

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