Imagine utopia - impossibly tall buildings and whizzing tech might come to mind. Others might envision an ecological paradise with never-ending stretches of green. Or perhaps your ideal is a totally equal society.

All these interpretations can probably at least agree there’ll be no graffiti in their brave new world. As an art form - there’s neither time nor willpower to have that debate here - that can be legally punished and is often denounced as the territory of vandals, graffiti doesn’t lend itself to most people’s idea of bliss.

Somerset House’s new exhibition Venturing Beyond: Graffiti and the Everyday has a different idea, exploring graffiti as a “intrinsically utopian practice” through a showcase of 17 street artists from those famous (or infamous) to the scene – Shepard Fairey, Swoon and REVOK – to critically-acclaimed artists such as Eltono and Filippo Minelli.

Venturing Beyond: Grafitti and the Everyday is running from 3 March - 2 May at Somerset House, Terrace Rooms. 

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