There's something deeply wrong in Simon Stålenhag's sci-fi artworks. Even by the usual dark standards of dystopian futures, things have fallen apart. Perhaps aliens have invaded – but whatever new world order they've established has surely crumbled into puporseless disarray.

As his new books appear on Amazon, I spoke to Simon to learn more about his art – and him as an artist – and between summer breaks I asked him about his influences, his approach to art and just what the hell is going on in his paintings.

This last question is one of the biggest draws of Simon's art. When you see them on his site, or on social media – or in my earlier story for that matter – they exist with almost no context. Clearly this world is not our own. Futuristic, or perhaps alien, technology has become part of suburban and rural landscapes. It's been there long enough to create a new normal, and long enough to degrade, to fail, even to become redundant.

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