Back To The Future Day is really almost upon us – and the New Rule Collective has put together an exhibition of prints to celebrate.

On October 21 2015, two time travellers from the 80s arrive at a bright and shiny future to find a world of tablets, Skype, gesture-based gaming, hoverboards and flying cars - a world not that different from our own (except for the flying cars, and the fashions, and the hoverboards, which are only semi-real).

That's the date that Marty McFly and Emmet 'Doc' Brown arrive at in Back To The Future II - ignore Internet hoaxes that tried to make it earlier - and now you can get your hands on prints and book to celebrate this momentous occasion.

New Rule Collective has brought together 30 illustrators and artists to create limited-edition prints based around the Back To The Future II movies, much as they did for everyone's favourite kitsch 70s NYC gang movie, The Warriors. The artworks will be on show at a gallery in east London around 'Back To The Future Day', and will also be collected into a book.

To fund the exhibition, New Rule has launched a Kickstarter with rewards ranging from an invite to the private view to a selection of prints

1.21 GigaWatts is at the The Print Space Gallery on Kingsland Road from tomorrow (October 21) for a week. Also on show will be BTTF-themed sculptures and installations from the artists.

I caught up with New Rule's Michael Crozier to find out more about the project.

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