Overseer of London’s transport and serial producer of gorgeous designs, TfL has combined its two areas of expertise once again by launching an incredible poster campaign. 

The posters – created with 11 exciting UK design agencies and talents, including Alan Kitching, Build and Sawdust Studio – celebrate the 100th anniversary of London Underground’s Edward Johnston Sans typeface, which is a subtler, simpler but just as appreciated London icon as, say, the Houses of Parliament. And it shows up reliably across the city’s transport network too (looking at you, buses).

The posters are part of ‘Transported by Design’, a range of projects and activities showcasing the link between transport and good design - after all, no one wants to get lost in an endless loop of tunnels and escalators, which we would be otherwise. Find out what else is on show. 

You can buy them online here – or at TfL’s Johnston Pop Up Shop in the Additions exhibition at Clerkenwell Design Week (24-26 May) or to ‘The Language of London’ exhibition at KK Outlet alongside Clerkenwell Design Week (16-28 May). The posters will be up in the Underground in June.

For his grainy, moody and unmistakeably underground-inspired poster (shown), Alan Kitching said his rationale was "simply to combine Johnston's lettering but using a shadow to give a 3D effect, with the colours used for all the tube lines from Beck's underground map." 

Image: by Alan Kitching

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