From the Central Illustration Agency (CIA) to JSR, emerging university graduates to hardened illustrators trying something new, and flashy GIFs to timeless sketches, we’ve rounded up the most promising potential of 2016.

Sadly, we haven’t yet managed to balance the lopsided male-to-female ratio that plagued our 2016 design trends feature. Nor have we seen many breakthroughs from women producing ‘girly’ work and men sticking to ‘boyish’ designs.

But we learnt a lot chatting to agencies about their favourite artists for this varied and inspiring collection: we see how the work of Jonny Wan has exploded with new vividness, how new-to-the-scene Chervelle Fryer’s delicate works are blossoming, and what keeps artists like them creating.

Here, we’ve picked our favourites from those nominated. 

Image: by Nicolas Dehghani

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