Mona Chalabi is the data editor of The Guardian US, and her straightforward, funny yet effective 'data sketche's have been shortlisted for this year’s Information is Beautiful awards.

Mona has a passion to make numbers and statistics more relatable and understandable, and she doesn’t shy away from uncomfortable topics. Her simple interpretations of information are a refreshing take on a sector often left for the intellectually elite. This desire to have infographics understood by those who have a right to has led her to a successful career in data journalism.

Her data sketches cover a range of topics, from the Greek GDP per capita to searches for “hangover cure” throughout the week, in which she expresses the data using illustrations over graphs wherever possible.

As well as working for The Guardian, Mona writes a regular column for New York Magazine in which she answers readers’ questions using numbers rather than personal experience. She also writes and presents for National Geographic and VICE television shows.

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