You know, Tiger? That kooky retail store that you try to resist going into, fail, try to resist spending money in, fail, and then leave 45 minutes later with overflowing bags of fun stuff you didn’t know you needed?

Well, that quirky lot have found their match in their collaboration with Japanese-born, New York-based artist Misaki Kawai, who is helping them with her characteristically playful touch to create home-ware and accessories – which, of course, include boob-inspired bags and banana-handled skipping ropes.

Misaki’s work is a joy to look at. And with her fondness for bright colours, cheap craft materials (“For me, low-quality materials have more character than perfect materials,” Misaki told Sight Unseen) and simple shapes, her creations stir a nostalgia for childhood. And her knack for absurdist humour gives us a tickle too. 

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