Surprise, surprise – the eye-catching work of Michael Driver, who caught our eyes at Kingston’s 2015 grad show, has caught even more eyes. Judging by his ever-growing body of work (in both quantity and quality), he isn’t going to let anyone’s gaze slide from the tip of his pen - or brush, or mouse, or whatever - anytime soon.

Since graduating, his work has graced more than just Digital Arts: as well as being commissioned by The Guardian to create a weekly illustration series, Michael has also impressed The Huffington Post, The New York Times, Wired and The Telegraph

Though it’s easy to imagine Michael’s work stretched, moulded and grown into diverse forms and contexts, its fit with editorial content is effortless and immediate. It is rich, textured and – quite frankly – very pleasant to look at, which can’t hurt when you want to sell newspapers. 

On top of this immediately pleasing aesthetic is Michael’s ability to condense a complex idea into one clean image with simple geometry, making his work and ideas a perfect break from a long, in-depth article. Here, we’ve put together our favourite from his work since leaving University.

Image: window cleaners in a self-initiated project 

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