The old maxim goes “an image is worth a thousand words” but this month several designers have harnessed the power of a perfectly timed quote. Rebecca Ross, the course leader at Central Saint Martins’ Communication Design MA, launched the London is Changing project last week, which explores current economic and political changes in the capital using huge typographic billboards.

The quotes were carefully picked from many submitted using a website (designed by former student Duarte Carrilho da Graça) that Ross created to survey those moving to or from the capital.

“The idea is to create links between personal stories and some of the data that doesn’t often get into human specifics,” Rebecca told reporters. “Numbers are summaries of our experiences, but I don’t think people feel a sense of how they themselves fit into the summaries.”

Its impact was huge, going viral within just a few days. It shows not only the importance of community engagement and tapping into strongly felt sentiment with your projects, but also the power of using words alone.

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