More Hugs is a command that I - soppy, clingy wet blanket that I am - can happily live by. In this personal series, talented graphic designer, illustrator and hugger Ken Lo has celebrated that marker of all things good in a way I can not: with beautiful, bold and imaginative iconography.

More Hugs was - according to Behance - “borne out of a deep-rooted desire to better the world through design.” From happy, huggy brains, to cute, cuddly cans, Ken has drawn from the breadth of pop culture to create a series that ranges from strange and surprising to adorable and funny, always popping with colour, character and the message ‘More Hugs, Less Hate’.

Here, we’ve collected our favourites of Ken’s designs. But, if you haven’t had enough cuddles and have no one near you to grab and squeeze, check out the More Hugs Instagram for even more pretty hugs (there are a lot).

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