Our favourite doodle artist Jon Burgerman talks about his recent digital work and how he creates those colourful doodles we all enjoy.

New York-based Jon Burgerman returned to the UK just before Christmas, visiting London to create an animated mural for Apple’s international flagship stores among other work. Some of you might have made it to his free workshop at the Apple Store on Regent Street. 

Here at Digital Arts we’re big fans of Jon’s spontaneous, colourful and playful doodles, as we’re sure many of you are. Naturally, we grabbed the opportunity to catch up with the Nottingham artist before he returned back to his Williamsburg apartment in New York.

It’s been a busy year for Jon. Between vegetarian meals and watching his neighbourhood become even more gentrified, he’s published his first colouring book, volunteered himself to the phenomena of animated iPhone sticker sets, discovered the potential of Instagram stories and commented on political happenings such as Brexit and Trump’s election.

Jon talks about keeping a mental scrapbook, how he makes his recent Instagram stories and the benefits of working digitally over traditional media. Whilst doodling using Procreate on his iPad Pro, he explains the process behind his animated stickers and whether we can expect to see more animated work from him in the future. Keep an eye out for another colouring book and children’s book Splat expected in April this year. Hear what he has to say in the video above.

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