Jon Burgerman's first colouring book is out in July (or August through Amazon). Jon is the world's most popular doodle artist – but the book is more than just a canny publisher being aware of his large fan base and the popularity of colouring books for adults, doing the maths and coming up with a ker-ching noise.

As Jon explained to me over email, the Burgerworld book is the latest in a long-line of colouring-in projects for the Nottingham-born, New York-based artist that stretch back to before Johanna Basford's Secret Garden kickstarted the colouring books for grownups trends.

"I've always been a big fan of colouring-in stuffs," he says. "Over the years I've hand-drawn many murals that people can come and colour in. These became so popular I got exhausted doing them and created colouring-in wallpaper as a response.

"The colouring-in wallpaper was such a huge success – and still is – that I started to think about other colouring-in products. I made colouring-in wrapping paper, cards, jigsaw puzzles and recently even clothes."

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