Isn’t the internet great? Some say that the it helped empower the Arab Spring, most agree that the scale and impact of WikiLeaks would not have been possible without its power… and almost everyone concedes that this great technological achievement has also made cheating and deception horribly, horribly easy. 

Yes, the transmitter of cat GIFs and selfies does have its downsides. Your spouse is cheating on you, on his phone, right now (shown) is the pertinent title of Italian artist Joey Guidone’s uncomfortably arresting – and oddly funny - illustration. 

Jane Martin art directed the piece, which was for Is your spouse texting – or cheating?, an article in The Boston Globe. We love the clash of the piece’s retro feeling, with its bold lines and block colours, against the modern subject matter.

“This is the state of infidelity, twenty years into the digital age,” reads the caption of the latest addition to Joey’s portfolio. “Our ‘real lives’ are lived as much online as off – and the difference between the two grows even more blurred.”

Here, we’ve collected more of our favourites of Joey’s recent work – an indulgent treat you don’t have to feel guilty about (unlike cheating, geddit?).

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