Spring is finally here. And Janine Rewell’s cute, new illustrations celebrate everything in the season- from those cloudy spring days to the animals frolicking below them. 

Lotte World Mall - Seoul, South Korea’s largest shopping mall which commissioned the project - didn’t just want any old version of spring from the Helsinki-based illustrator. No, for such a important project, they wanted imagination, engaging characters and a cute, magical story bursting with life. 

Janine has certainly delivered with a simple, childlike tale complete with a cloud kingdom, a host of wonderfully realised real-life spring animals and a flock of make-believe ones - including a blimp (yes, that slightly ridiculous-looking, balloon-like airship) that is so loveable that it should be made part of traditional spring celebrations with immediate effect. 

On her website, Janine says she has “a crush on geometry” - which really does show in the beautiful vector lines and cleanly imagined shapes in this project, as well as the rest of the work, as you can see in our article on swatchbooks released by Pantone, which used Janine's work on one of its covers. 

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