Though we're called Digital Arts, we are partial to more traditional forms of art and design – like these delightful new clay illustrations by Irma Gruenholz.

There's a real, well, 'realness' to them – which comes not only from that they are crafted in clay, but also that they're lit and photographed to make them appear much larger than they are, almost life-sized.

We've previously enjoyed Irma's work (check out her past collections later in the article), so it's a pleasure to be reminded of her character's beautifully crafted expressions, their humanness, despite their strangeness, and her knack for capturing the quiet, relatable moments in daily life.

More excitingly, though, Irma has done some remoulding in this collection (beyond kneading clay, that is): crisscrossing threads trap the characters. Along with this new material are new emotions. Even though the pair are completely still in this work (shown), the sadness, desperation and hope in their figures and expressions is so tangible that we will their hands to touch. 

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