Paloma Faith

by Miss Led (UK) 

“I’m attracted to the theatrical and playful side of Paloma, which I kept in mind while creating the portrait. With the eyelashes being the heaviest area of the piece, they were to act as the pivotal part of the image. Eyes are so important in my portraits – they have to be the hook to entice the viewer in and also engage the gaze. 

“Embellishing her cheeks with white dots over abundant soft blush creates a good balance and acknowledgement of these dramatic fanlike lashes. With this particular portrait, it was more what I chose to eliminate rather than add. And what I did include, how I could accentuate.

“My usual face shading is avoided here, in favour of a clean, almost porcelain poster girl complexion. Using the texture – brown envelope – I could bring in further marks, incorporating white highlights that lift the piece.”

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