Whether you like it or not, football is unavoidable in England and in no form more so than the Premier League. Not only is it important to the English identity – and to the sprinkling of Welsh teams who play in it – but is also the world’s most watched league, viewed in over 730 million households. 

After deciding to lose sponsorship from the 2016/17 season onwards, the league needed an equally fresh and innovative rebranding that worked across audiences and platforms. That's when DesignStudio were given the colossally signficant task. 

Despite rumours that the league’s ferocious lion would be ditched, DesignStudio has given the twentieth century imagery a modern twist. It has switched the navy and white for a burst of colour, the ‘corporate’ font for a friendlier one, and the full-bodied lion for a simple, bold lion’s head. 

Executive Creative Director of DesignStudio Stuart Watson tells us how the design agency took a brand steeped in history and catered it to a mind-bogglingly diverse global audience.

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