Swanning down to the beautiful Natural History Museum, London, to appreciate some natural beauty isn’t a bad way to spend your day. Especially if you get some beautiful ideas out of it. 

Colour and Vision: Through the Eyes of Nature takes users on a 565 million year journey from the Pre-Cambrian period to the present day– don’t worry, it’s all contained within a couple of hundred metres. It explores the development of the eye via the traditional cool-specimen-in-a-jar, as well as more high-tech LG ‘perfect colour’ 4K TVs

We’ve picked the best bits from the exhibition: appreciate and understand why striking birds, metallic beetles and iridescent butterflies look so incredible. Even better, take a jaunt inside those pretty heads to find out how they see colour. And, hopefully, you’ll pick some ideas along the way - you know you can learn a lot from your neighbour’s perspective; now, try a different species’.

Colour and Vision: Through the Eyes of Nature runs 15 July – 6 November.

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