Before the launch of the book, I caught up with Hattie to discover how she imbues her work with such a sense of fun (with an occasional satirical bite) and how her doodlebombs have evolved from drawing on magazine covers to create artworks to being commissioned to bomb them for real newsstand covers. We also talked about her latest project for Mac cosmetics and why we still need to do more for equality between men and women in the creative industries. You can watch the interview (above), or read an excerpt of the conversation here.

Neil Bennett: "How do you think of yourself?"

Hattie Stewart: "Predominantly, I'm an illustrator – but then I work in so many different fields as well, [including] photography and fashion, and I also consider myself an artist. I think I chose illustration as a field particularly because my key thing was always to draw - and my interests in all those other creative realms weren't as intense. I really wanted to be a part of them also, and focussing on illustration enabled me to branch out into all the different areas that I wanted to."

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