Bored of the occasionally abusive, often manipulative and consistently monotonous EU referendum campaign? Luckily, artists and designers are up to what they do best: finding a fresh perspective.

With Britain voting to remain or leave the EU today, our Twitter and Facebook feeds have burst with a stream of artworks – a refreshing break from ‘Project Hate’, ‘Project Fear’ and other words that are so often repeated they’ve become meaningless despite their melodrama. 

We tried our best to equally represent both arguments (honestly). But it’s more important than we reflect the opinions of artist and designers – who, overwhelmingly, appear to be for Remain. 

In fact, on the Stronger In website, artists have a neat, pretty corner of their own. And, however hard I’ve Googled, it’s hard to find the Leave equivalent. 

If you’re looking for evidence of the art world’s beliefs beyond my Googling abilities, Art council England’s guidance reminds us of EU grants for creative projects;#EUartsdebate on Twitter was mainly concerned about Brexit; and, recently, Welsh art figures backed Remain. 

So, enjoy the best of the art world’s seemingly overwhelming support of Remain – and some cracking Leave works too from the likes of Jean Jullien (shown) and more.

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