Swedish illustrator and graphic designer Erica Jacobson creates fearless, warm and bright illustrations that are hard to ignore. Her approach to objects such as shoes, palm trees and fruit is exotic - almost tropical. Although that may seem a far cry from this January weather, it will surely send positive and summery thoughts your way.

Her passion for art began from a young age, and after completing a Masters degree in graphic design and illustration, her talent took the manifestation of lively, colourful and contemporary. Erica works with pencils and pens on regular paper before rendering digitally. Although designing for interiors – such as wall patterns and big prints - is a rare occurrence for Erica, it’s one of her favourite types of projects.

She’s also worked on commissions for children’s storybooks, theatre posters, book covers, T-shirts, packaging and TV title sequences. Regular clients range from Save the Children to Paperchase. She’s also won several awards and design competitions. 

We talk to Erica about where she finds inspiration, why she loves using colour and what happened when she made a business card in orange.

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