We all enjoy using stickers from time to time when messaging – whether it’s talking about our favourite television show, complaining about work or celebrating with a friend – it’s fun to add a little more character to what we write.

But stickers have to relate to and reflect the emotions of a large international audience in order to be successful. A global selection of artists was given the (rather fun) task by London-based creative team Anyways (formerly INT Works) to design multiple sticker packs for Google’s new messaging app Allo, rising to the cross-cultural challenge.

Allo was announced by Google earlier this year, but rolled out for iOS and Android devices in September. You can find out more about Google Allo features compared with the likes of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp here.

Three packs of stickers are included in the app, but users can download a further 24 packs. We spoke to Anyways art directors Alice Moloney and Charlie Sheppard about the process behind commissioning artists from all corners of the globe, and choosing sticker set themes that would appeal to a wide audience.

Image: Indian designer and illustrator Mayur Mengle designed the Talk to the Hands sticker set. 

Mayur says Indians use many hand gestures to talk. Taking this idea forward, many youthful emotions are expressed in this set through hands. (Mayur’s designs were not art directed by Anyways).

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