London-based, French illustrator Marylou Faure is more dependable than the English sun that she lives under, celebrating each summer with vibrancy, boldness and warmth.

This year, she’s created happy, colourful packaging for Vinyl Moon, a record club that sends a compilation vinyl to your door each month.

Lounging on Maylou’s illustrated record cover – which is a picnic blanket of giant food - are two beefy men fighting with gigantic forks, a woman diving into a wine glass and another lounging onto a baguette…

Even if it makes no sense, Maylou’s illustrated summer is everything summer should be: sticky, bee-infested, warm, bright, fun and surprising. 

Here, we’ve collected the best from Marylou’s seasonal works, so soak up Marylou’s refreshing use of colour, character and fun.

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