Who doesn’t enjoy GIFs? They’re super fun, bright, bouncy, occasionally terrifying and always horribly, horribly (wonderfully, wonderfully?) addictive.

As well as being a great way to watch Nikki Minaj, cats or the timeless classic of a man hilariously falling over - all on endless loop - GIFs are also a flexible art form, offering engagement more easily than a photo and immediacy better than a video.

Wonderfully, they are also humble, fun and accessible to everyone; as you'll see from the success of these artists, they are even creeping into the commissions of renowned publications such as The New Yorker. Oh, and they are incredibly addictive. 

So, we’ve rounded up the best artists from the bonkers bunch who are behind the internet's favourite art form - from the most internet-y of internet-y GIFs bursting with colour, cats and food, to the dark and even macabre side of the GIF world.

 GIF: by Rafael Verona

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