When we tried out the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro with artist Pete Fowler we absolutely loved it (and we did again here) - but for any of you that need extra convincing of its incredible scope for creation, here are some great artworks drawn using the Apple Pencil with the iPad Pro. 

If you're suspicious of pencils that aren't really pencils (they don't even draw on paper, after all), we understand: previous offerings have not been great. Problems have ranged from precision to a lack of pressure sensitivity. But the Apple Pencil really is built for artists, even if you're technology-shy and don't tend to use digital tools: you can add shading, apply different pressure and give your hand a rest on the screen. 

And the Pencil has benefits other than making your drawings instantly shareable (if that's not enough) giving you access to a dazzlingly large scope of artistic tools from charcoal to watercolours without the mess or extra cost, as well as an easy way to correct mistakes. 

Apple are so confident with their pencil that they gave artists free reign to be outraged.

Copenhagen-based design studio Havass&Hannibal gave the tech a whirl with a brightly coloured, challenging scene bursting with movement and shape (shown).

"We were surprised how much it feels like drawing with pen and paper, but in a digital setting, where you can still undo and change it again," they told Apple. "It feels great for sketching something quick, but can also be used for detailed drawings."

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